UltimateNatural Remains the Original Turf of Choice

December 21, 2015

While many other artificial turf companies are now beginning to imitate EasyTurf’s most popular turf grass type, UltimateNatural, our company’s product remains the original and superior artificial turf of residential and commercial choice. UltimateGrass, one of EasyTurf’s newest product lines, … Continued

EasyTurf Completes Turf Installation at Vista Moonlight Amphitheatre

October 27, 2015

Adding to our company’s extensive list of prominent commercial installations, including projects for Disneyland, Disneyworld, Legoland, and the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, EasyTurf has recently completed an 8,700-square-foot turf replacement project for the Moonlight Amphitheatre in Vista, California. … Continued

Don’t Fret About Fall Maintenance

October 27, 2015

One of the beautiful things about EasyTurf artificial grass yards is their ability to stay in pristine condition year-round with very little maintenance. Now that fall is in full swing, what do EasyTurf owners need to know in order to … Continued

Give your dog the home he needs

October 13, 2015

Every dog should have a doghouse for two very simple reasons – protection and comfort. Being a responsible pet owner involves more than feeding and walking your dog. A doghouse should be on your checklist of “must haves” as dog … Continued

Protect Your Asset

October 13, 2015

For responsible dog owners, fencing is not just an option — it’s an absolute necessity for protecting their beloved dogs. You have two options when choosing to secure your dog within your yard — an above-the-ground fence or wall, or an electric, … Continued

Are you accidentally poisoning your dog?

October 13, 2015

Would you leave dangerous chemicals where children could reach them? Of course not! But many homeowners, not realizing that fertilizers, herbicides, weed-killers and other yard care chemicals can be poisonous, store them casually where their dog might easily “sample” them. … Continued

Keeping your yard green by going green

October 13, 2015

Where your yard is concerned, the drought doesn’t have to be a death sentence. There are ways on how to keep your lawn green and beautiful without gaining a reputation as a water waster. Many homeowners have chosen to replace … Continued

Do-it-yourself with Go Mat

October 13, 2015

There are few things in life as satisfying as a comfortable space, especially when that space also has practical applications. You can find additional satisfaction when you design and customize that space yourself — for example, by using artificial grass … Continued

Putting the “friendly” in dog-friendly office

October 13, 2015

For some of us, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. But not every dog-friendly office is naturally equipped to accommodate canine companions. If you are lucky enough to have your best friend with you on the job, … Continued