Real or Fake?

July 17, 2018

Can you spot which grass lawn is real and which is fake? EasyTurf artificial grass has improved leaps and bounds in the last decade. The artificial grass technology has moved closer to imitating the look and movement of real grass. … Continued

Dog-Friendly Landscaping

November 16, 2017

Create a safe, fun backyard atmosphere that you and your pets will enjoy   Dog Friendly Plants Finding nice landscaping plants that blend while with your backyard is already challenge, without even taking pet friendly plants into consideration. Lucky for … Continued

Throw an EPIC End of Summer Party

August 30, 2017

Use these simple tips to throw an epic end of summer party! As this season quickly comes to an end it’s fun to look back and celebrate all the new memories from the summer. Plus any excuse to gather with … Continued

Pet Owners Love Artificial Grass for Dogs

June 7, 2017

Artificial grass for dogs is the latest trend for pet owners. EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs, with its revolutionary drainage capabilities, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners. Because of its … Continued


April 20, 2017

Beautiful lawns require work, not to mention chemical treatments for weeds, bugs and pests and fertilizers. Artificial turf for dogs is a much simpler and safer alternative for your family pet.   Your four-legged friends walk, roll and play on the … Continued

How Does Artificial Grass Help With Allergies?

January 30, 2017

According to the Centers for Disease Control, last year around 19.1 million adults had grass allergies. These allergies (also know as the medical term allergic rhinitis) results in congestion, sneezing, sinus headaches, itchy eyes & nose and watery eyes. Those … Continued

Learn The Benefits Of Artificial Turf For Dogs

August 4, 2016

Pet owners have discovered that artificial turf for dogs comes with many benefits and can make pet ownership more enjoyable. Artificial grass has eco-friendly pet options which reduces the time you spend cleaning your furry friend and repairing your yard … Continued