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Can you spot the fake - Can you figure out which lawn has artificial grass?

Can You Spot the Fake? Were You Right?

Check out the photo gallery below for the answer!
Announcing REVOLUTION “Ultra-Realistic Fiber Technology”
Our new revolution fiber uses a state-of-the-art process to produce the most natural movement, texture and colors ever possible in a synthetic lawn.

Matte finish and UV inhibitor technology increase color brilliance while reducing shine.

Authentic, organic blade movement & structure.

Field and olive green fibers pop to create the most natural looking synthetic lawn ever produced.

Revolution Fiber

• A New Level of Authenticity
• State-of-the-art polymer formula creates realistic fiber movement
• Proprietary, precision manufacturing produces the softest texture available
• New matte finish increases color brilliance while reducing shine
• 100% permeable backing with built-in weed barrier
• 11 exterior and seven interior ridges combine for maximum resilience
• No Fading! Industry leading ultraviolet inhibitor technology
• View our Artificial Grass Installation Process

Our new Revolution fiber uses a state of the art process that closely replicates the look and feel of natural sod.

The introduction of this blade elevates EasyTurf products to an authenticity level never before achieved.

The supple softness of the fibers is made possible by 11 exterior and seven interior ridges crossing the width of the blade allowing the fibers to flex, twist, and rebound like natural grass blades.

Before revolution fiber technology, synthetic grass products were accompanied by a subtle shine not present in natural lawns. Now, with Revolution’s natural, matte finish the true field and olive green colors pop, uninhibited by sheen, in a near perfect match to a natural sod la