Why does EasyTurf Use Black Rubber Infill, is it safe?

EasyTurf artificial grass uses a patented infill process that includes a combination of washed sand or acrylic coated sand and crumb rubber infill for our installations because this method provides a comfortable feel underfoot and is the most effective means known to keep the synthetic blades upright. In many ways, it functions as synthetic dirt.

Other artificial grass companies claim rubber infill is toxic or hazardous. This is a falsehood. Test after test has verified that rubber infill is completely safe and harmless. Competitors make these claims because they employ different infill systems or none at all. The result is artificial grass that mats down with even a small amount of foot traffic.

EasyTurf infill is non-toxic and will in no way harm either children or pets if swallowed. EasyTurf is trusted by thousands of day care centers and pet facilities across North America including Sea World,the San Diego Humane Society, Learning Care Group and many more. EasyTurf is also the turf-of-choice for Kompan, the World leader most respected playground equipment manufacturer.

EasyTurf synthetic grass remains the turf-of-choice for thousands of athletic teams and homeowners and has proven to be the highest quality artificial grass available anywhere.

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